1.What is a Decompiler:

Decompiler is a tool used to revers the output of a compiler so as to
produce readable java code.
Therfore the user should take utmost care when he uses a decompiler
It can be illegal to view the code in some cases.

2.Exact Reproduction:

It is not always possible to reproduce the code exactly.
As mentioned in jdec description in sourceforge.net site
there can be more than one interpretation for same bytecodes
produced by javac.
jdec tries its best to decompile it accurately
This is also the case with try/catch/finally Handling
Here also jdec does a fine job in reproducing Exception table
blocks accurately

3.jdec Performance:

As of 1.1 release,it is observed that jdec does not give the
output fast for very big files.This is an issue which needs to be tested and fixed within
next 2 releases of jdec
However jdec does render the output fast for small/medium sized files

4.In Comparision...:

There are quite a few other decompilers.Some free and some commercial.
The purpose of implementing jdec was so that the user could not only
benefit from a good decompiler,but also an excellent UI.
My Question is this:If the decompiler is free(In some decompilers) then
why should the user pay for the UI ?

However the intention of jdec is not only to provide a good UI,but also to
decompiler very well.

5.Finally, jdec status:

As of release 1.1,jdec is still beta(Although it decompiles in most of the
cases very well) because I feel that vigouros testing has still to be done
The intention is to make it production stable in next release.