This section contains answers to Questions which the user would commonly encounter Or to some specific features
Question 1> I have installed jdec properly.But jdec does not start.
Answer   1> Possible problems:
Justification: jdec checks the validity of parameters present in
BUT this can only happen if jdec comes up. So in case jdec does not come up at all,
Please look in for any chnage that can be made manually and then
try to start jdec once again.

Question 2> I tried to decomopile a file using jdec,But jdec didnt show any output
Answer   2> Possible problems:
Justification:In case there was an exception while decompiling the class file
then it is possible that jdec could not produce the output
If this is the case,Please report the bug in jdec home site or jdec sourceforge site

Question 3> I tried to decompile a file using jdec,but output didnt seem to
                   appear in result window(The progress bar never seems to quit at all)
Answer   3> Possible problems:
Possible solution to the problem:
Open the Filter window and check the decompiler setting
The user can choose not to decompile code blocks like

Question 4> How do i change the look and feel of jdec
Answer   4>Navigate to preferences window and change the look and feel
                Edit Menu--->Preferences:Choose lookNFeel and click apply

Question 5> How do i disable syntax highlighting
Answer   5>Navigate to preferences window and set enable Syntax highlighting to false
                Edit Menu--->Preferences

Question 6> How do i see the output in my own editor
Answer   6>Navigate to preferences window and set path of
                favorite editor and then view the output by navigating to
                Utilites--->Show in custom editor

Question 7> How do i change the jdec configuration
Answer   7>Navigate to config menu and click on jdec(decompiler)config option
                Double click on any value to change.Once changed click on update.

Question 8> How do i change the Coloring
Answer   8>Navigate to config menu and click on Syntax and Coloring to update